Visit the Sierra Madre in San Sebastian Del Oeste- Pueblo Magico and enjoy our spot suspended in time.

It includes:

  1. Land transportation roundtrip (PTV-MATEL-PTV)
  2. Visit the “PROGRESO” bridge
  3. Tequila Tour, tequila tasting and learn how does the tequila is produced
  4. Entrance and visit “Hacienda Jalisco”, Historic Museum
  5. Visit and have a meal in the museum and the majestic “Hacienda Matel”, with the best guacamole in the world and the highest quality in fine dining. (The first drink is on us)
  6. Visit the coffee plantation, know and taste the high quality coffee from San Sebastian
  7. Visit the great buildings and houses of a wonderful town dating back to 1606. Walk and enjoy its cobbled streets and be amazed of its mountain weather
  8. Return calmly to Puerto Vallarta taking a delightful nap

Monday – Friday at 8:00.
Approximately 8 tours.

Have your reservation in time, calling this number 3222973133 and 3221165824 or by email to this address